Metabolic Nutrition E.S.P EXTREME 300g hardcore

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ESPXTREME from Metabolic Nutrition is a completely new, revolutionary product that is certainly one of the strongest products on US store shelves. This powerful pre-workout animal provides extreme energy that will literally take you to a new level. With only one measure E.S.P. Extreme you can expect enhanced strength, crazy strength and power, razor sharp focus and increased blood flow. If you are a stimulant expert who is not impressed by the current pre-workout series, you will not be disappointed with E.S.P. EXTREME. Each 10g scoop contains a stellar stimulant mix that contains up to 450 mg of DMHA, 500 mg of caffeine, a strong dose of theobromine and the appropriate amount of beta-alanine. It's all for the magic to happen and the training was cosmic. If you already have normal workouts, you want quick effects, you must try E.S.P. EXTREME. Order your can today and make your training EXTREME!

The product includes, among others:

Beta-Alanine - together with l-histidine form a dipeptide - carnosine. Carnosine is released from the cells when the pH drops, thus preventing the increase of muscle acidity, which can translate into less pain and better endurance in training. It may contribute to a more efficient build of dry muscle, it also supports the fight against oxidative stress and may delay the aging of the body.

2-amino-6-methylheptane HCl   an alternative agent with a similar specificity of action. It stimulates the nervous system and strongly stimulates thermogenesis, which is why it is particularly attractive for people who want to lose excess body fat.

Choline bitartrate - a dietary supplement created for people who require extraordinary mental efficiency, great memory and high concentration.

Anhydrous caffeine - the most-known stimulant compound in the world. It has a stimulating effect, lowers the level of Adenosine, inhibits the breakdown of cAMP

Theobroma Cacao - by inhibiting cAMP degrading phosphodiesterase, increases its concentration, which affects the behavior of clarity of thinking and promotion of the lipolysis process, thanks to which it increases the pool of readily available energy substrate resources. Theobromine also affects the relaxation of blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.

Summary: If you are looking for a specific dose of energy, you have failed previous pre-designs, or you miss the old proven formulas of the legendary products are E.S.P XTREME is just for you! With a dose of up to 450 mg  confirmed by the manufacturer, you have the stimulation like in a bank!


1 serving 30 minutes before training.

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