Driven Sports Rize 30 serv

Driven Sports Rize 30 serv
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ENERGY – First and foremost Rize has been formulated to deliver the type of energy which Craze and Frenzy won acclaim for and on this front it delivers thanks to a novel ingredient blend which has never been seen before. That’s right, as when Craze unleashed the power of dendrobium for the first time, or when Frenzy introduced DMBA to the supplement world, Rize yet again delivers something unique that will have anyone double scooping this preworkout ready to run through a brick wall after using it. Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

  • FOCUS – Focus is pretty much something which Driven Sports introduced to the preworkout category as before the inception of Craze, those preworkouts that were popular at the time such as Jack3d, were notorious for delivering intense energy but with scattergun focus. Rize follows the template established by Craze here by keeping the user’s attention on the task at hand in the gym, removing extraneous thoughts that would interfere with the ability to perform at peak intensity.
  • TOTAL PERFORMANCE – This is the ultimate determinant of how good a preworkout is as energy and focus that doesn’t move the needle in the gym is worthless. Fortunately, it is performance that ultimately sets Rize apart from almost anything else on the market with only the likes of Hydrazine and Frenzy being capable of delivering the performance gains seen from Rize. What we particularly like about this is that unlike some high stim preworkouts that are great for strength but suck in delivering endurance gains, Rize delivers on both fronts so that whether you are a bodybuilder, powerlifter or sportsperson, Rize will be a powerful tool in delivering you improved performance from the very first time you use it.
  • PUMPS – Muscle pumps are an important goal for bodybuilders in particular but are linked both to improved nutrient partitioning and greater endurance. When it comes to pumps though, most people tend to look for ingredients shown to increase nitric oxide levels in isolation. This is a critical point as while an ingredient can in and of itself deliver better pumps, the very best way to get a pump is by forcing blood into a muscle through rep after painful rep of an exercise. In other words, by enabling you to increase how many reps you can perform for a given weight, Rize will deliver the kind of pumps that no nitric oxide elevator can deliver and that is the kind of pump you can only get by pushing through the pain barrier and grinding out extra numbers of reps beyond what a traditional pump focused preworkout could deliver. As a case in point, you only need to read the reviews by customers of Hydrazine to see many declare it as exceptional in its ability to deliver pumps – this is despite that product having any pump focused ingredients! Rize does actually have some specific pump focused ingredients but there is no doubt in our mind that it is it’s ability to drive performance that accounts for most of the pumps Rize delivers rather than any ingredient mediated effect.
  • RAPID-ACTING/NO CRASH– Rize starts to take effect within just a few minutes of drinking it with peak effects that last throughout the duration of your workout. For those of you who’ve taken preworkouts containing DMAA, you’ll probably remember that while it kicked in fast it would sometimes lead to an energy crash midway through the workout. Fortunately, this is not an issue with Rize as it not only takes effect quickly but it keeps you at peak energy levels for a good 2 hours at least. This makes it a great choice for anyone whose workouts take longer or who are engaged in a sport like Football that takes a long time to complete.
  • TASTE – We wouldn’t claim this is the best tasting preworkout on the market but it’s certainly up there among the best tasting high energy preworkouts. High stimulant preworkouts can often taste horrendous but that’s not an issue here at all.

Wrapping things up, we’d recommend Rize even more highly than Frenzy with it delivering greater energy and focus in our view. In fact, for anyone serious about excelling in the gym or in a sport, we feel Rize delivers a perfect cocktail of effects and does so without the downsides associated with some high stimulant preworkouts.

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