Driven Sports CRZ™ – The O.G. 190 gr

Driven Sports CRZ™ – The O.G. 190 gr
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CRZ™ – The O.G. 190 gr


  • Solid, long-lasting energy
  • Enhanced performance in the gym
  • Motivation to get shit done
  • Laser-like focus (a cliché now, but the description is perfect)
  • Mood enhancement
  • Neutralization of lethargy and fatigue



It is a stimulant-centric pre-workout formula. Perhaps we are working on a non-stimulant creatine-based formula that would work supremely alongside it, or for use outside of the pre-workout window…
Yes, all of the above. We trialed each successfully with the rest of the formula and they really add to it, but we had too many hygroscopic issues with the powder to include them permanently.
Because it’s not old Craze.
Your mileage may vary. Some reports say they get 9-12hrs of energy from a serving. Others are in the 5-6 hour range.
Ideally take on an empty stomach, or at least 2-3hrs after your last meal. It’s not critical but it does appear to be best. If needs be you can eat a small meal around 30 minutes later.

CRZ™ The O.G.

Here it is. Five years of sweat. Some from the hard work that went into developing this formula, and the rest brought on by taking countless versions of it. Endless trial and error, testing of hunches and theories, and headaches trying to source never-before used ingredients. And too many late nights wondering when that stim-effect was going to wear off so we could finally get some sleep, just `to wake up and do the exact same thing the next day with some minor component tweaked.

While other companies in the industry are hyping up their fan bases by branching out into new clothing lines and selling branded backpacks, we’re over here doing the “heavy lifting.” We’re a company that’s focused on helping our customers achieve physical milestones. Looking fashionable while you do that is up to you. We’ve seen what’s out there, and we know that most pre-workout users haven’t been using anything stronger than a large cup of coffee for years. We’ve done something about that.

Why is it The O.G.? Because with this design we’re returning to what made Craze® great in the first place. We’re talking about a great-feeling experience that’s highly motivating and energizing, but free of those uncomfortable jitters. A good pre-workout is supposed to light a fire under you – not make you feel like you’re trapped in one.

CRZ™ is designed with performance foremost in mind. Enhancing workout performance improves results across the board. Workout after workout you’ll get stronger, you’ll get bigger, and you’ll get more cut. Your performance in the gym is critical, which is why we refer to CRZ™ as “Performance Fuel™.”

In order to enhance performance we looked from every angle at what is involved in making a muscle work and grow, and came up with a solution that takes into account all of these factors. We call our comprehensive design ethos Multiple Pathway Technology. So let’s look at a list of what CRZ™ has to get the job done:

  • Increase immediate energy and crush lethargy (Erythropalum scandens, PEA, caffeine, Alchornea floribunda)
  • Grease the central nervous system and make it fire (glycine, PEA, Erythropalum scandens, psoralea extract)
  • Improve pain tolerance to push through sets (caffeine, phellodendron)
  • Build or replenish ATP – the energy currency (caffeine, potassium citrate, vitamin B3 and B6)
  • Heighten focus (psoralea extract, caffeine, Erythropalum scandens)
  • Promote cell volumization for power and strength (betaine, glycine, potassium citrate)

We’ve been asked about the “lack of pump ingredients” in this formula. As we said with original Craze®, the best pumps come from the best workouts. So if CRZ™ helps you take care of the workout, the pump will come along for the ride. That’s inevitable when you’re pushing yourself to your limits.

In sports supplements, ingredients should be included not only to achieve their primary known ergogenic effects, but also to replace what may be depleted as a result of accompanying ingredients. This is a formulation aspect almost no other company considers. We’ve seen some eyebrows and questions raised due to the presence of DHEA in CRZ™. Its inclusion is demanded by our working philosophy of Multiple Pathway Technology. Like each other ingredient in the blend, it serves to amplify the synergy of the whole.

The incredible reviews for CRZ™ have validated our lengthy and rigorous design process. Almost across the board we received reports of great, lasting energy, increased mind-muscle connection, strong mood boosting effects, and NO CRASH. And these reviews follow samples sent to interested Facebook and Instagram followers chosen at random, not from industry buddies, friends and coworkers, or other covert shills.

In summary, here’s what you can expect from CRZ™ The O.G.:

Solid, long-lasting energy

Enhanced performance in the gym

Motivation to get shit done

Laser-like focus (a cliché now, but the description is perfect)

Mood enhancement

Neutralization of lethargy and fatigue

It’s a bit of a sleeper actually. Give it a good thirty minutes before the effects start to really come on.
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